Future Plans

The Holy Spirit gave Maxine Speich (Co-Founder) the plans for a 24/7 prayer ministry in 1994.

The complete vision for Bethel World Prayer Center will include several phases:

The Temple

The Temple building will be built to house about 1000 people.  This temple is to be connected to a Wailing Wall.  The Wailing Wall is to be partially inside the Temple  (so prayers will continue there without regard to the weather).  The Temple is divided into two separate auditoriums.  The auditoriums will be separated by The Garden of Gethsemane.  The part of this garden that will separate the two auditoriums will be inside the Temple. (This will allow for prayer to continue in the garden without regard to the weather).  The greater portion of the Garden would be remaining outside.


Auditorium #1

An auditorium that will seat 180 people.  This auditorium is to be the 24\7 Prayer Room.  The Prayer Room will be open and available to the public 24\7 and it will feature different praise and worship teams who through music will give praise and worship continually throughout the day offering non-stop praise and worship.

Connected to the Prayer Room will be an Upper Room that is to seat 120 people.  This room is to have arches and columns that are to resemble the Upper Room in Jerusalem.  The two rooms combined will seat a total of 300 people.  The number three (3) representing the Trinity; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Around this auditorium, there are to be rooms for those who have come to pray privately or who seek counsel.

Auditorium #2

An auditorium that will seat 700 people.  The #7 is God's perfect number.  This auditorium will be used for special events that are being sponsored by the Prayer  Center.  There are to be seven rooms for lodging on each side of the Temple. These rooms will be used by guests who have come to pray and who require an extended stay.  These rooms are to be free standing, resembling a Jerusalem style Kibbutz.


The Sea of Galilee is to feature a Walk of Faith with scripture verses that will build faith as people walk around the sea.  It is to have benches with lamp posts and a boat used for ministry.