prayer room 2012

The Prayer Room

The prayer room is a place set aside for prayer. Worship music fills the atmosphere. The room features a Wailing Wall where prayer requests are placed and prayers are offered.  Around the perimeter of the room are pictures representing areas of prayer focus.  Intercessors will pray at these stations lifting their petitions before God relating to the need represented.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a prayer room staff member or Intercessory Prayer volunteer is available to pray with anyone who desires agreement in prayer.


Intercessory Prayer Volunteers

                                  Jim and Dee Rogers

      Sandra Fields                                            Dee Rogers

  Monday 12pm-3pm                                Wednesday 11am-4pm


Live worship Monday and Wednesday Noon-1pm.

Sherri Beall

Sherri Bealll










Prayer Group

Gene&Maxine Speich

 “A Call to Prayer” Saturday 10:30am led by

Pastor Gene & Maxine Speich